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First in North America with Laser Eye Surgery for Kids!

Donovan Penner
Donovan Penner is seeing
the world in a whole new way,
thanks to leading-edge vision

Thanks to donors like you, the Alberta Children’s Hospital is home to the largest pediatric vision clinic in western Canada providing national leadership in innovative treatments for children with severe vision problems. In fact, our vision clinic is the only place in North America using lasers for children who might otherwise face a lifetime of blindness.

Donovan Penner was only a year old when his parents noticed that he was holding his toys very close to his face. Doctors at our vision clinic broke the news to Carol and Vaughn that their baby boy was basically blind. Although heartbroken, they were relieved to discover that corrective laser surgery was an option to restore his sight ... and it was only available here at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Donovan’s surgery was a huge success and his parents are so grateful.  “Without a doubt, this surgery changed the course of his life,” beams Donovan’s dad, Vaughn.  “We are so fortunate to have this kind of hospital and these amazing doctors right in our own backyard.”

The incredible laser surgery results made possible by our vision team is attracting a lot of attention from around the world. Both patients and vision specialists have come to the Alberta Children’s Hospital from across Canada, the USA and overseas.”

“It’s hugely innovative and exciting work,” says Dr. Bill Astle, Director of Pediatric Ophthalmology at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. “It’s very rewarding to see these kids doing so well and enjoying the world that’s been opened up to them.”


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