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red heart bulletOur Patrons’ Council

The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation receives tremendous support from a group of community leaders – including many past Chairs of the Board – who are long-standing advocates for children’s health. We are extremely grateful for their years of serving as champions for our hospital and the children and families in our community.

Charles Fischer, Chair of Patrons’ Council

Council Members:

Little-Square-Yellow.gifPaul and Elizabeth Brandt 

Little-Square-Yellow.gifRichard and Lois Haskayne

Little-Square-Blue.gifRobert and Carole Brawn

Little-Square-Blue.gifColleen Klein

Little-Square-Yellow.gifDavid and Cindy Bronconnier

Little-Square-Yellow.gifBrian and Brenda MacNeill

Little-Square-Blue.gifIan and Darlene Bruce

Little-Square-Blue.gifM. Ann McCaig

Little-Square-Yellow.gifJim Dinning and Evelyn Main

Little-Square-Yellow.gifDarcy and Lori Moch

Little-Square-Blue.gifRandy and Claudia Findlay

Little-Square-Blue.gifStan and Marge Owerko

Little-Square-Yellow.gifBrenda and Glen Fischer

Little-Square-Yellow.gifChristopher and Holly Potter

Little-Square-Yellow.gifDr. Chen Fong and Alice Fong

Little-Square-Blue.gifKaren Radford and Jason Grelowski

Little-Square-Blue.gifCharles Fischer and Joanne Cuthbertson

Little-Square-Blue.gifChris and Brenda Seasons

Little-Square-Yellow.gifDon and Betty Anne Graves

Little-Square-Yellow.gifBrad and Michelle Shaw

Little-Square-Blue.gifAllen R. Hagerman

Little-Square-Blue.gifNancy C. Southern and Jonathan Asselin


Little-Square-Yellow.gifJim and Vivian Truesdale


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