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Meet our families

17 years ago, Stacey and Keith rushed their daughter Rebecca to the Emergency department when a flu turned into a parent’s worst nightmare and tragically took their little girl’s life. Just before this past Easter, their household had been hit by the flu, with 6-year-old Daniel getting the worst of it. When Stacey lifted him up one morning to carry him downstairs to watch some tv, her little boy went limp in her arms. While this would have unsettled any parent, Stacey was terrified. Could history be cruelly repeating itself? Here’s Stacey’s story: PART 1 and PART 2

Ashley vividly remembers the feeling of pure joy when her son, Sawyer, was born. But it didn’t take long for the elation of being a new mom to turn into worry for Sawyer’s future. How could her happy baby boy be so sick? In the months ahead, she and her family would come to rely on the care and expertise at the Alberta Children’s Hospital more than they ever could have imagined. Here’s Ashley: LISTEN NOW

George has faced more challenges in just six years than many people face in a lifetime. He needs very specialized care and his family works around the clock to ensure he’s as safe and comfortable as possible. But being a full-time medical caregiver on top of being a parent is wearing and that’s why George’s family is so grateful for the love and support they receive at Rotary Flames House. Here’s George’s mom, Kate: LISTEN NOW

Like many boys, Eli has his favourite superheroes. He loves Spider-Man and PJ Masks, and he’s a happy, rambunctious four-year-old. But Eli has a condition that leaves him with virtually no immune system. The slightest infection can have the most serious consequences. Thankfully, treatment at the Alberta Children’s Hospital is opening new doors for Eli and specialists are fighting to keep him healthy until a cure can be found. This is Eli’s dad, Ryan. LISTEN NOW

Rayanna was feeling under the weather when her family began driving to their hometown of Coronation from Calgary just over a year ago. Very quickly, things took a turn for the worse and in a matter of hours, her life was in danger. The team at the Alberta Children’s Hospital worked tirelessly to solve the mystery of what could be making her so very sick and then, armed with the answer, fought to save both her life and her quality of life. Here’s Rayanna: LISTEN NOW

Many kids have experienced a sinus infection and, in most cases, they recover with rest and maybe some antibiotics. But when 11-year-old Brynlee got a sinus infection, things took an unimaginable turn for the worse. Her life was in danger and time was truly of the essence. That’s when neurosurgeons at the Alberta Children’s Hospital stepped in to help. Here’s Brynlee’s mom, Melanie: LISTEN NOW

Imagine if your child began exhibiting such irrational behaviors that neither they or you could leave the house? What if these behaviours were caused by a condition so misunderstood that diagnosis eludes many doctors. Kendra and John were so desperate to find answers for their son Jensen, they moved from their home in Yellowknife to be close to the Alberta Children’s Hospital where experts not only understood what was happening to Jensen, they had a plan. Here’s Jensen’s mum, Kendra: LISTEN NOW

Ilyas and Anastasia were looking forward to starting their new life in Canada - here in Calgary. They were also excited to be starting a family. But a 32-week ultrasound turned their world upside down. Baby Abi was born with complex medical challenges from - not one…but two rare genetic syndromes - that would test the strength of their little girl and require the expertise of specialists from across the hospital. Here is Abi’s proud dad, Ilyas: LISTEN NOW

To Paul, cancer was something that other people get…much older people. But it wasn’t until the 15-year-old found himself in the fight for his life did he truly understand that cancer doesn’t discriminate. And while chemotherapy can be hard and at times feel counter-intuitive, he trusts his amazing doctors and nurses with his life. Here’s Paul: LISTEN NOW

Damon first met neurosurgeon Dr. Clare Gallagher when he was just a baby. At three months old, he had an endoscopic surgery on his skull because the plates had fused together prematurely and, if left untreated, could interfere with his brain’s ability to grow. After the successful surgery, Damon grew into a bright, playful and energetic little boy. However, Damon and his family would need Dr. Gallagher’s help again, and this time, the situation was much more complicated and a lot scarier. Here’s Damon’s mom, Megan: LISTEN NOW

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