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Children's Hospital Lottery: What your support has built since 1992

Recognizing that children are much more vulnerable than adults in medical crises, the Kinsmen Club of Stampede City established the lottery in 1992 to support specialized child health programs, equipment and research. Since then, the lottery has funded many ground-breaking initiatives that have helped the hospital become a national and international leader in child health-care and research.

Here’s a look back through the years to showcase some of the other amazing advancements made possible thanks your support of the Children’s Hospital Lottery:

HD operating microscope

In 2019, you helped provide the Alberta Children’s Hospital with a powerful, high-definition operating microscope—a workhorse machine for surgeons to perform their most delicate work. Re-animating muscle requires powerful optics to transfer nerves and tiny veins using sutures the width of a hair. And just like the smart phone in your pocket or the high-def television hanging from your wall, medical technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Equipped with superior lighting, advanced optics and weightless movement, the new operating microscope assists surgeons who use it several hours a day, every day, to help children with everything from tumors to trampoline mishaps.

DNA sequencer square

DNA Sequencers

Your support allowed the hospital to purchase leading-edge DNA Sequencers, allowing children in our community to be among the first in the country to benefit from rapid DNA sequencing. Some families would often suffer years of stressful, invasive procedures to pin down genetic disorders. With Next Generation DNA Sequencing Technology, experts right here can screen children for every genetic disorder known to medicine, in one test.

Cystic Fibrosis Screening Program for Newborns

Thanks to a pilot program funded through lottery funds, babies in Calgary were the first to be screened for Cystic Fibrosis as part of the “heel prick” test that’s done immediately after birth. It was so successful that the testing was adopted province-wide and has since gone national. Since 2005, hundreds of thousands of babies in Alberta have been screened for CF, and those who have tested positive have been able to receive treatment at the earliest possible point, with the goal to avoid permanent lung damage so they can live longer, healthier lives.

3T MRI square


For decades, medical science depended on surgery or autopsy to learn about the brain. Advanced imaging technology like the 3Tesla Magnetic Resonance Image Scanner (3T MRI) enables experts to map regions of the brain with unprecedented clarity to see its anatomy, chemistry and function in real time. The technology is radiation-free and twice as powerful as conventional MRI machines. Thanks to your support, the Alberta Children’s Hospital was the first children’s hospital in Canada to acquire one. In fact, the hospital is now home to two 3T MRIs used both for research and for clinical care.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Program

In 1998, the hospital wanted to recruit a rising ENT star. The hospital didn’t have dedicated space … until the community came to the rescue. Lottery funds were used to create the hospital’s first ENT clinic. The hospital landed that surgical star and many more since - and the clinic is now one of the hospital’s busiest, helping thousands of kids each and every year.

Brain Health

The Kinsmen Chair in Pediatric Neurosciences is an important building block needed to advance Brain Health at our hospital, and through the lottery, our community’s support helped the hospital attract visionary leaders to its ranks. The hospital now has one of the largest pediatric neurology teams in Canada, is home to the first-of-its-kind NeuroCritical Care (NCC) program, and is internationally recognized in the areas of epilepsy, stroke and dietary treatments for neurological disease.

Exterior backyard square

The new Alberta Children’s Hospital!

That’s right. The lottery helped build this amazing hospital. Every inch of the building was designed with children and families top of mind, and it’s drawn attention from around the world. Last year it served more than 102,000 kids from across southern Alberta and is considered a true leader in pediatric medicine. And it all started with support from the community.


Now more than ever, families need support

This year, more and more families are overwhelmed as health and economic crises collide. You can help kids facing physical or mental illness get the care and basic necessities they need, simply by purchasing a ticket to this year’s Children’s Hospital Lottery. Proceeds will support a Special Children’s Fund that will provide families with much-needed relief and enable them to navigate this crisis with hope and dignity.

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