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It’s hard to believe that it’s already been ten years since the “new” Alberta Children’s Hospital opened its doors to the public.

On September 27, 2006, a convoy of ambulances travelled along Crowchild Trail to carefully transport 51 of our community’s sickest children from the old hospital on Richmond Road to the colourful state-of-the-art facility in northwest Calgary. Those young patients were moving into the first new pediatric hospital in Canada in more than 20 years, marking the start of a new era in children’s health in this community.

Yes, this 10th birthday is a milestone…And a good reminder that for thousands of families who rely on our hospital, every birthday is a milestone.

Thank you for understanding this poignant fact. And thank you not only for making the new hospital a reality, but also for continuing to support the people and programs within it. Thanks to you, for every birthday the hospital celebrates, remarkable advancements are achieved and tens of thousands of candles on cakes are made possible.

Want to see the impact you are making? Check out our special 10th Birthday stories from our partners at Global Calgary and meet the incredible kids and experts at the Alberta Children's Hospital! 

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10 years. 10 advancements


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Pain & Rehabilitation

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Then and Now!

Over the past decade, the severity of illnesses and number of children who need the hospital have both risen dramatically. Thankfully, the new facility attracted hundreds of specialists to add to an already worldclass team. With your help, they have fundamentally transformed care. In fact, children who receive treatment on an outpatient basis today used to require hospitalization. And many of the children in the inpatient units simply would not have survived 10 years ago. Thanks to you, more kids are surviving with better outcomes and able to enjoy their childhoods.

This is a snapshot of the growth in annual demand and resources at the Alberta Children’s Hospital compared to 2006.

Meet Chase

Chase!When the ambulance delivered him to the Alberta Children’s Hospital that sunny September afternoon, baby Chase Gingerich had no idea why people were cheering. Just 27 days old, he was too young to understand that - as the last patient to be delivered in the largest, most complicated move in Calgary’s history - his safe arrival meant years of hard work and planning were well worth it.

Little Chase was recovering from a surgery he needed 36 hours after he was born. That was the first time the Alberta Children’s Hospital saved his life. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and then a myriad of severe allergies that made him so sick he has needed to be hospitalized virtually every January since then. Chase’s mom, Brandy, says her son has a serious reaction to so many things, it feels like he is “basically allergic to the air around him.” He’s even allergic to medicines usually prescribed to treat allergy symptoms. With all he’s faced, Chase’s parents say surviving every winter is their milestone.

Yet despite the challenges, with his amazing team of specialists supporting him, Chase is a happy, loving and lovable boy with so much energy he’s known around the hospital as “High Speed Chase.” He hopes one day to become a monster truck driver.


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