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Brain Health
Epilepsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities, and mental health disorders – these are just some of the brain-related conditions children in our community face. But thanks to community support, experts at the Alberta Children’s Hospital are leading the way in better understanding and treating a wide range of illnesses and injuries of the brain.
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Sickness can be worrisome for families, but when it affects a child’s brain, it can be especially devastating. The brain is central to a child’s development, intelligence, personality and life-long potential. And since illness and injury of the brain during development -- its most vulnerable stage -- can have serious life-long effects, the Alberta Children’s Hospital has made Brain Health a priority.

The hospital has assembled a team of nationally, and internationally-recognized medical, surgical and research specialists and is the only free-standing pediatric facility in Canada to provide kids with neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, neuro-rehabilitation, neuropsychology, and neurodevelopmental expertise. 

And thanks to community support, our hospital has acquired resources and recruited experts who are providing national and international leadership in pivotal areas including:

Little-Square-Yellow.gifPediatric brain injury research

Little-Square-Yellow.gifMinimally-invasive brain surgery



Little-Square-Yellow.gifDietary and metabolic treatments for neurological diseases

Little-Square-Yellow.gifBehavioural research

The Need

The Need

Every year, thousands of children need the Alberta Children’s Hospital for very specialized care to treat their brain-related illnesses and injuries, whether they are a result of trauma or changes to the brain caused by disease, disorder or premature birth. Some of these conditions include:

Little-Square-Yellow.gifAcquired Brain Injury - head injury, strokes, brain tumours, infections like meningitis and encephalitis, hemorrhages, hydrocephalus, and problems resulting from near drowning, asphyxiation and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Little-Square-Yellow.gifEpilepsy (Seizure Disorder) - electrical disturbances in the brain that cause uncontrollable seizures and/or brain damage.

Little-Square-Yellow.gifResults of Premature Birth - susceptibility to brain injury due to bleeding and a poor oxygen supply to the brain, sometimes resulting in consequences such as cerebral palsy and learning disorders.

Little-Square-Yellow.gifGenetic and Chemical Disorders - disorders of the brain resulting from a genetic or metabolic (chemical) abnormality.

Little-Square-Yellow.gifDevelopmental Disabilities - learning disorders, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cerebral palsy and developmental delays where the causes are mostly unknown

Little-Square-Yellow.gifMental Health Concerns - depression, anxiety, disruptive behavior, post-traumatic stress disorder, aggression, bipolar disorder

Thanks to you

Thanks to you the Alberta Children's Hospital is home to:

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3T MRI  
Zebrafish and Epilepsy  
TMS Therapy  

Little-Square-Yellow.gifCanada’s first pediatric brain stimulation lab. Using non-invasive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), our experts map connections within the brain to better understand conditions like childhood stroke and depression. Their hope is to further utilize this technology to help the brain rewire and repair itself.

Little-Square-Yellow.gifWestern Canada’s first 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (3T MRI) scanner within a children’s hospital. This state-of-the-art radiation-free technology that holds twice the power of the conventional MRI. The 3T MRI is helping revolutionize the field of imaging by enabling our specialists to see not only how a child’s brain is structured, but also exactly how it is functioning.

Little-Square-Yellow.gifNext Generation DNA Sequencers

Little-Square-Yellow.gifSpecial technology to study blood flow and oxygenation

Little-Square-Yellow.gifA new electroencephalography lab

Innovative Projects Underway

Mental Health Literacy Programs  

  Success Stories
Little-Square-Yellow.gifMental Health Online Resources (MORE) – Empowering Educators –  web-based learning program for ECSto Grade 9 teachers to help increase the understanding of mental health symptoms and resources while providing strategies for managing concerns in the classrooms.>Learn More
Little-Square-Yellow.gifSMILES – Teaching Teens – ground-breaking program incorporating mental health literacy into the curriculum of Grade 9 and 10 students across Calgary. 

Little-Square-Yellow.gifCanREACH (Resource for Advancing Children’s Health Institute) Physician Education – empowering pediatricians and family physicians to better identify and initiate mental health interventions for children with behavioural problems and common mental health disorders

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Brain Imaging Research

3T Success Stories

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