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Listen to some of the amazing families sharing their story during the 2017 Country 105 Caring for Kids Radiothon!

red heart bulletBrady's Story

Jacci knew for some time that her son, Brady, would likely not live into his teens. His disease had already taken his ability to walk and talk… Yet even though he was deteriorating physically, the hospital and Rotary Flames House made sure his spirits did not. In the end, they gave Jacci and Brady incredible moments that Jacci will forever cherish. Here’s their story.
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red heart bulletOliver's Story
When Erin and Adam learned that their baby had a very sick heart, it would have been easy for them to feel overwhelmed by Oliver’s scary diagnosis… and all the medical language that was so foreign to them. But they say Oliver’s team of doctors and nurses kept them focussed on survival… and helped them stay positive and hopeful for his future. Here’s Oliver’s mom, Erin.
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red heart bulletLiam's Story
In the span of five days, Liam nearly died four times. And as if surviving that wasn’t enough, he then faced a bone marrow transplant. His mom, Evonne, says the only way her family was able to cope with her son teetering so close to death was with the skills and support of his incredible care team. Today, Liam is on the road to recovery, looking forward to much healthier days ahead. Here’s Evonne.
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red heart bulletJack's Story

For years, Jack’s parents searched for answers about his health. But there are no blood tests or x-rays that pinpoint mental health issues.  By the time they turned to the Alberta Children’s Hospital, they were exhausted and desperate. Thankfully, they found the support and answers they needed… and today Jack is doing much better as a result. Here’s Jack’s mom, Heather.
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red heart bulletMason's Story

There’s a special bond between dads and their sons. No wonder. To little boys, their dads are often bigger, stronger versions of themselves. A glimpse of who they might grow up to be. But as strong as Josh has been for his boys in the past, finding out his son Mason had cancer, was almost more than he could bear. Here’s Josh.
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red heart bulletErika's Story

Every mother treasures the moment she and her baby are first able to look into each other’s eyes. But when her daughter Erika was born, Kristen worried that might not ever happen for them. Thankfully, specialists at the Alberta Children’s Hospital reassured her that they could help. And today, baby Erika has her sight. Here’s Kristen.
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red heart bulletAmy's Story

Listening to her talk, you could easily mistake Amy for a med student. She has hospital terminology down pat and is wise beyond her 16 years. Unfortunately, the reason she knows so much is because she’s lived with a life-threatening blood disorder for nearly a decade. Today, thanks to the hospital and a bone marrow transplant, she may now be cured. Here’s Amy.
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red heart bulletNatasha's Story

It’s amazing how serious illness can change a mother’s goals for her child. Tonya now sees every day with 4-year-old Natasha as a gift. And her hope for her little girl is simply that she finds happiness. Tonya credits the hospital for helping her daughter get her smile back… and for doing all they can to give Natasha the best future possible. Here’s how their journey began.
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red heart bulletJack's Story

Cancer is a word that strikes fear in the hearts of even the strongest among us. As grown-ups, we know it involves harsh treatments and various odds of survival. But when you’re a kid, it would be easy to worry that it means only one thing. That was Jack’s perspective… and one of the challenges his parents faced when learned he had leukemia. Here’s Cheryl.
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