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Listen to some of the amazing families who shared their story during the 2016 Country 105 Caring for Kids Radiothon!

red heart bulletParker's Story
Four, five and six….These are remarkable numbers when you think about the fact that that little Parker had 4 surgeries when he weighed only 5 pounds and before he was even 6 weeks old. It’s hard to picture a tiny baby going through so much…but with the help of the Alberta Children’s Hospital, today Parker is doing much better. Through tears of gratitude, his mom, Anne explains that little Parker has fought to survive… from the moment he was born.
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red heart bulletReid's Story Part 1
If you listened to Radiothon last year, you may remember our friend, Reid…the little boy with his “heart in a backpack”. A virus had attacked his heart and damaged it beyond repair… so technology – in his backpack – was keeping him alive until a donor heart could be found for him. Reid and his family stayed so brave for so long that when the time finally came, they didn’t even register what their doctor was telling them. Here’s mom, Cindy…
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red heart bulletReid's Story Part 2
One of the stories that touched so many people’s hearts last year was the story of Reid...the little boy with his “heart in a backpack”. We are so pleased that Reid and his family are here with us this morning. Before we talk to them, let’s play their story from last year to set the stage for where Reid is today...
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red heart bulletStanley's Story
Imagine the horror of seeing your three-week old baby bleeding profusely and uncontrollably… clinging to life…. then realizing the closest children’s hospital is more than 100 kilometres away. That was the nightmare Stanley’s parents were faced with last summer… until our hospital’s transport team came to the rescue. Here’s mom, Danielle.
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red heart bulletHafsa's Story Part 1
Never wanting to worry or disappoint anybody, Hafsa spent years hiding her true emotions from her friends and family. A seemingly happy and bubbly teenager on the outside, inside she was fighting feelings of despair…until the hopelessness became so bad, she was willing to do anything just to stop the pain. While we know this story may be difficult for some listeners, we feel it’s an important one to share. Here’s Hafsa.
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red heart bulletHafsa's Story Part 2
When Hafsa found herself on the Mental Health unit at the Alberta Children’s Hospital – frightened and angry - it was the last place she wanted to be. But once she realized she wasn’t alone, Hafsa began opening up about her feelings. She soon understood that the hospital could offer a kind of help she hadn’t known existed. Here’s Hafsa’s story.
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If you're feeling like Hafsa did, there are people who can help. Please call Access Mental Health at 403-943-1500

red heart bulletNadia's Story
When your child is sick or injured, it’s scary. When your child sustains an injury to their brain – it’s terrifying. That’s how Heather felt when her 13-year-old daughter Nadia collapsed in her arms and was rushed to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Could their daughter survive a stroke? And would she ever be the same? Here’s Heather’s story.
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red heart bulletCooper's Story
In the midst of the unimaginable, it’s amazing how sometimes kids can be the ones to set the tone. That is absolutely the case with little Cooper. Last summer, he suffered an injury so severe that he would lose his foot. Yet incredibly, this five-year-old stayed calm and positive…and made sure everyone else around him did, too. Here’s mom Kristy.
Listen's to Cooper's story

red heart bulletMateo's Story
For the first few months of his life, Mateo’s parents thought their happy, content baby boy was simply low-key. But they soon learned that he was quiet because, to him, so was everyone else. Specialists at the hospital determined that Mateo had a serious hearing impairment…and have now made possible for him a whole new world of sound. Here’s thankful mom, Reydean.
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