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We are very fortunate to live in a community that embraces the vision of giving kids healthier futures.
Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of people just like you, we are able to ensure our children receive the very best in family centred child health care.

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For decades, Shaw Communications Inc., its family of companies, as well as its executives and employees have demonstrated genuine compassion for the kids and families who rely on the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Through generous corporate investments, personal donations and community-building events, the wonderful people at Shaw have supported families in many ways – from making significant investments that help advance clinical care to providing simple comforts that make a child’s stay in hospital less intimidating. 

Thanks to Shaw Communications, thousands of families are benefiting from advancements in the hospital’s Cancer Program as well as our Patient and Family Centred Care initiatives. With Shaw’s support, Oncology specialists have been able to build their expertise to a level where they now play a crucial role in the global effort to reduce the pain, suffering and death caused by pediatric cancer. The Alberta Children’s Hospital is the only Canadian member of an elite group of cancer research hospitals called POETIC. Together with experts from such prestigious institutions as Johns Hopkins, Memorial Sloan Kettering and MD Anderson, our scientists are working to find new cures and gentler treatments for childhood cancer. Ours is the first hospital in Canada to provide a number of cancer therapies to children in the comfort of their own homes. As well, our Blood and Marrow Transplant program is nationally-recognized for its success in treating a number of life-threatening and chronic conditions beyond cancer. 

With help from the Shaw Charity Classic, the Alberta Children’s Hospital offers special programs and services to support and empower families and lessen the stress that can accompany hospitalization. Some examples include: Emily’s Backyard - an on-site no charge child-minding service; financial assistance to help low-income families avoid added stress during their child’s medical treatment; short-term accommodation in the Colonel Harland Sanders Family Centre so families can be together during times of medical crisis; and Music, Art and Play Therapy to help children express themselves and build positive memories in hospital. 

Ultimately, Shaw recognizes that children’s health encompasses both their physical and emotional needs. For that, we – and the 102,000 children who need the hospital each year – are incredibly grateful.


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