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Madison is alive and thriving today because not one, but three specialized programs at the Alberta Children’s Hospital were there for her when she needed them most. What’s more, these crucial services were made possible by generous people like you!

Your support is needed to build and expand these life-saving and life-changing programs so even more children can be saved. Continued community investments in Pediatric Critical Care Transport, Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS) and NeuroCritical Care  ensures hospital experts can give their young patients the best chance to not only survive serious illness or injury, but return to their families as happy and healthy as possible.

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Pediatric Critical Care Transport When Madison urgently needed the child health specialists at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, she was across the city at another hospital. Thankfully, because of community investments, our hospital has a dedicated Pediatric Critical Care Transport Program. This team of highly-trained intensive care specialists travel to other hospitals by ground ambulance, helicopter or fixed-wing airplane to stabilize critically-ill children before bringing them to the Alberta Children’s Hospital where they can benefit from specialized pediatric intensive care.

More than 200 children from across southern Alberta and southeastern B.C. will need the life-saving expertise of the Pediatric Critical Care Transport team each year. Thanks to community support, they can rely on these specialists to reach them day and night, all year round. Last year, the team transported 243 babies and children too sick to be cared for in their home communities.

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Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS) — Thanks to this life-saving intervention available at the hospital because of generous donors, 36 children are alive today who wouldn’t have survived only a decade ago. ECLS uses bypass technology that takes over the function of the child’s heart and/or lungs, giving these vital organs a chance to rest and heal from illness or infection. Madison is alive today because ECLS was there for her when her heart and lungs began to fail.

ECLS is giving some of our community’s most critically-ill children a chance at survival they wouldn’t have had otherwise because donors helped establish this life-saving program seven years ago. 

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NeuroCritical Care — ECLS is a last resort for the sickest children when all other medical intervention has failed, and unfortunately stroke can be an associated risk of putting a child on heart and lung bypass. Thankfully, when Madison did suffer a stroke, the NeuroCritical Care team was immediately at her side. These experts, specializing in neurology, stroke and intensive care, worked around the clock to deliver immediate and personalized care in an attempt to preserve her brain function and prevent further injury. Because of their expertise and technologies available to them, they were able to preserve Madison’s quality of life too.

In a relatively short time, this program – a first-of-its kind in Canada - has already significantly cut the degree of impairment from brain injuries resulting from a number of other illnesses and injuries including traumatic brain injury, brain tumours, preterm birth, epilepsy and spinal cord disorders. Approximately 500 babies and children in our community need specialized NeuroCritical Care each year.


"From the minute she needed the Alberta Children's Hospital and throughout our entire journey, I have never once doubted that Madison was in the very best hands. We are so grateful for all the generous supporters of the hospital who give so unconditionally to help families they don't even know. When to donate to this incredible hospital, imagine what you've given moms and dads... or brothers or sisters. What it comes down to, is that because of you, families get to take their Madisons home. You are helping to keep families like mine whole."

~ Lisa, Madison's Mom

There is no greater gift you can give at this special time of year than the gift of health to a sick child and their worried family. Thank you!


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