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Legacy Giving - Join our Family of Hope
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Our Family of Hope is made up of individuals who have made a future gift to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. The Family of Hope includes donors who have made a bequest, or a gift of life insurance or a gift of RRSPs/RRIFs.

Becoming a member of the Family of Hope is as simple as letting us know that you have made a legacy gift to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. Everyone who makes a gift is welcomed into our Family of Hope. This is our way of honouring your generosity and commitment to child health and thanking you now for your future gift. We also hope that with your support, others may be inspired to do the same.   

Members are entitled to special recognition at the hospital, invitations to Foundation events, including the Family of Hope Tea, as well as a subscription to our twice yearly Just4Kids newsletter. You also have the option to remain anonymous in terms of public recognition while still receiving invitations to events and our newsletter. The choice is yours.

Family of Hope Tea

Family of Hope Tea

As a member of our Family of Hope, you will receive an invitation to our annual Family of Hope Tea featuring an informative presentation about the difference your support is making for the kids. Following the Tea, you will have the opportunity to go on a “behind the scenes” tour of the Alberta Children’s Hospital. 

Come for the free tea and tarts!

Meet Tom and Charlotte Fredericks

Planned Giving 2018_Fredericks

Tom and Charlotte Fredericks are longtime supporters of the Alberta Children's Hospital. What started as motorcycle rides for donations, led to bake sales and beginining an annual motorcycle ride event - all of their efforts have raised over $3 million to the Foundation.

Tom and Charlotte were energized and motivated by the impact these gifts were having on families going through some very difficult times. They wanted to do even more. Supporting the hospital “became part of Tom’s DNA,” says Charlotte. “We’ve led pretty good lives, so it was just time for us to give back,” adds Tom. When asked why support the Alberta Children’s Hospital, his answer is simply, “Well, how could you not?”

The couple wanted to continue helping, but they knew that the need for the kind of care at the Alberta Children’s Hospital wouldn’t dwindle – there would be families in need for generations to come. So Tom and Charlotte decided they wanted to commit to something long-term. They wanted to help families not only today and tomorrow or even next year, but for as long as possible. To do this, they decided to leave a gift to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation in their Wills.

Their gift, also known as a Bequest, is now an important part of their legacy, says Charlotte, and something they can feel proud of for the rest of their lives. “It’s good to know that whatever little bit you may have, it has a purpose for the future,” she says. “We all know advancements in care require money, dedication and people to make them happen. Well, we’re not the doctors, the technicians or the researchers, but this is what we can do to help. This is our part.”

If you would like more information about leaving a legacy gift to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and being a member of the Family of Hope, please contact one of our gift planners:

Heather and Sheelagh_Planned Giving_2018
   Heather Stevens                   Sheelagh Mercier

Charitable Gift Planner                 Charitable Gift Planner
403-955-8847                            403-955-8837

Information for your legacy planning:
Legal Name: Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
Address: 28 Oki Drive NW, Calgary, AB T3B 6A8
Charitable Registration Number: 13037 3244 RR0001

We strongly encourage you to talk to your family about your plans and seek professional legal, estate planning and/or financial advice when making decisions about your gift to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation.

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