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What We Fund - Equipment

What if it was your child? While most people would prefer not to think about children in life-threatening situations, specialists at the Alberta Children’s Hospital know that being ready for health emergencies, with the right people, right training, and the right equipment – helps them to save lives. Community support enables our specialists to access the best, least invasive and most accurate technology available to ensure that kids in our community receive the very best care.

Meet MediFriendly robots help kids with medical procedures

The Alberta Children’s Hospital is the first in the world to use humanoid robots at the bedside for pediatric care. The two-foot tall robots – named MEDi (Medicine and Engineering Designing Intelligence) – act as pain coaches. They can speak 20 languages and are specifically programmed with sets of behaviours that match the steps of a medical procedure. MEDi can also walk, give high fives and even dance with a tap of a button on his head.

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ECLS - Meet Lexxie!ECLS - Extracorporeal Life Support

Thanks to support from generous people like you, our specialists at the hospital have been able purchase such life-saving equipment. This incredible technology is called Extracorporeal Life Support and it’s giving some of our most critically-ill children a chance at survival they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

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What we fund - transportTiming is critical - Pediatric Critical Care Transport Program

Nearly 73,000 times a year, a child is rushed to the Emergency Department at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in need of specialized medical care, and in more than 220 of those cases, the Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team is charged with transporting these kids back to the Alberta Children’s Hospital safely, either by ground ambulance, fixed wing airplane or helicopter.

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