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Every year, more than 102,000 children and their families need the Alberta Children’s Hospital. From tiny newborns to strapping teenagers, kids from across southern Alberta, southeastern British Columbia and southwestern Saskatchewan turn to our hospital for specialized pediatric care. Community support helps to ensure that, in addition to providing the best treatments possible for injuries and illnesses, our experts have the resources to care for kids’ spirits as well.

Success Story - Music TherapyTherapeutic Arts - Spotlight on Music Therapy

Thanks to community support, in addition to providing the best treatments possible for injuries and illnesses, specialists at the Alberta Children’s Hospital work hard to care for kids’ spirits as well. From art and music therapy to pet visitation, fishtanks and playrooms, exceptional programs and enhancements make the Alberta Children’s Hospital a truly special and caring place for kids.

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Meet MediMedi Robot

Thanks to community donations, the hospital has four robots to comfort and distract patients during painful or intimidating medical procedures, from needles to bandage changes.The Alberta Children’s Hospital was the first in the world to use humanoid robots at the bedside for pediatric care.The two-foot tall robots – named MEDi (Medicine and EngineeringDesigning Intelligence) –  can speak 20 languages and is specifically programmed with sets of behaviours that match the steps of a medical procedure.

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What we fund - Hospital at HomeHospital at Home -  Cancer care taken to the comfort of home

This first in Canada service offers children certain chemotherapy, medications and procedures in the comfort of their own homes surrounded by the people and things they love most. Treatment at home could take 5 to 45 minutes, while an appointment in hospital could take several hours. 


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What we fund - Rotary Flames HouseRotary Flames House - Alberta's only pediatric hospice

Rotary Flames House helps families of children with complex, life-limiting illness – providing them with the physical, emotional, social and spiritual care they require. In addition to offering support during a child’s end-of-life journey, Rotary Flames House provides respite care – special, temporary relief for families with children whose serious illness requires round-the-clock care. Whether measured in years, months, weeks or days, Rotary Flames House helps make the most of every child’s life.

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