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Me with my sister and brother
Me with my sister and brother

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I am very grateful for the Alberta Children’s Hospital. They have helped my brother, sister and I so much. The doctors and nurses in many different clinics have helped me to figure out why I was having seizures. I have been through many tests and a hospital stay. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and the staff helped me to understand what that meant for me and my life.

I am also grateful for the Child Life Specialists who spent time with me and involved me in my care. They talked with me about different tests I had to have and what was going to happen. I appreciated their honesty and support.

This summer, I was invited to take part in Camp FIRE. This was an amazing experience! It was incredible to meet new friends who had similar struggles, friends I hope to have forever. It was amazing to have new experiences with my new friends. I always wanted to go to camp, but when people see the word epilepsy they are often scared and I had not been able to go to a community camp before. This was the highlight of my year! It was totally AWESOME!

There are also a number of doctors, nurses and other people involved in my brother and sister’s care. The hospital has helped to sort out my brother’s struggles with his tummy and has helped my sister to improve her walking.

I am not sure where my family would be without the care we get from the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

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