Caring for Kids Radiothon 2018

Steve & Iveah Hutchison

We are raising money for a CPR Feedback System for the Alberta Children's Hospital Emergency Department - crucial equipment that will help experts at the hospital to provide the highest quality CPR to their patients and save their lives.  

Surprisingly, the CPR success rate in a non-hospital setting is 10-20%, and 30-40% in hospital.  The CPR Feedback System provides feedback in real time to help experts provide the best quality CPR possible. Connected to a pad on the patient’s chest and a sensor placed underneath the patient on the bed, this defibrillator clearly displays depth and rate of compression on the screen as well as heart rhythm. Current defibrillators only display heart rhythm. The new defibrillator can also give voice commands
and allows staff to make decisions faster and more accurately. Research has shown that if CPR quality is improved, then patients survive more often.

This technology costs $22,400. Help us get this equipment in the hands of doctors to help more kids in emergency situations.




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