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Make sure to click on our fundraising guide to get the most out of your participant centre, as well as the Fundraising Tip section below!

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Fundraising Tips!
Your fundraising will support child and youth mental health. With early intervention, it is hoped that young people can get the help and support they need well before their concerns turn into crisis. Thank you for reaching out to make a difference for this important cause!

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1.    Start early
The sooner you start asking for donations, the more money you will raise.  As soon as you register to participate in the RBC Race for the Kids, get organized and start fundraising!

2.    Set a challenging yet attainable goal
We encourage each individual to raise a minimum of $150, but you can always set a higher goal for yourself! Track and share your progress with current and potential donors. If you reach your goal, keep going and see how much more you can raise!

3.    Take the first step
Start by donating to yourself. It’s an easy way to show your passion for youth mental health and to inspire family, friends and colleagues to also donate generously. Remember, every step is a step forward for youth mental health.

4.    Don’t be shy
Ask, ask, ask! People can only make a donation if you give them the opportunity to. Reach out to everyone in your network to ask for donations. Youth mental health is an important issue that affects all of us, and this is your opportunity to support youth in your community. Start connecting with your networks from your email address book, then your regular address book, friends, family and word of mouth. Don’t be shy about asking more than once – people like to hear about your progress and to be reminded. You might be suprised at who helps you reach your goal!

5.    Customize your emails
Make the email template yours! Include a personal story, why you are running, why raising money is important to you, where the money is going and who is benefiting from the funds.

6.    Customize your personal fundraising page
Similar to customizing your emails, make your personal fundraising page personal. Include a story about why you are running and raising money for youth mental health, include photos, videos or any other information you want people to know.  

7.    Add social media to the mix
Given that more and more donations are happening online, use status updates on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram to update your friends on your fundraising. You can provide direct links to your fundraising page to allow for easy and quick donations. Facebook has an audience of over 600 million (and growing), so it is extremely likely that a considerable amount of your network is already on social media. Make it easy for people to support you and meet them online!


  • Use #RBCRacefortheKids and tag @AlbertaChildrensHospitalFoundation in your posts.
  • Be sure to ‘like’ the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation Facebook page: @AlbertaChildrensHospitalFoundation
  • When you name Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation in your Facebook posts type the @ sign before our name.
  • When uploading images and videos of your event, tag Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.


  • Follow Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation: @ACHFKids. In your tweets include @ACHFKids so we can find your tweets!
  • Use hashtag #RBCRacefortheKids in your tweets so we can find and share your posts.

8.    Get creative
Sending emails and starting conversations is a great start, but the sky is the limit when it comes to ways you can fundraise! Here are some unique ideas:

  • Set up a jar in a communal area where people can contribute their loose change. You will be surprised how quickly the dollars will add up.
  • Give out mini piggy banks to family, friends and colleagues. Ask people to save their spare change for you and then collect the piggy banks prior to the race.
  • Fill a jar at your office with jellybeans and have your colleagues pay to guess how many there are in the jar. The winner gets to keep the jellybeans, and the proceeds are donated.
  • Host a summer BBQ or dinner party and ask guests to make a donation in exchange for a burger hot off the grill. At your party explain what you’re doing and why the Alberta Children’s Hospital is important to you.
  • If you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, encourage friends and family to donate in lieu of gifts.
  • Clear out your closets and hold a garage sale or a used book sale, with all proceeds donated.
  • Use your talents and sell. Whether it’s making bracelets or cookies, think of a hobby or interest and turn it into a product that can be sold.

9.    Fundraise in the workplace

  • Invite your coworkers to participate and contribute! Making your organization’s participation in the RBC Race for the Kids an annual tradition builds team spirit.
  • Find out if your employer participates in corporate matching gifts. This can often double, triple or quadruple your team’s fundraising which helps more kids at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.
  • Spread the word! Take advantage of your organization’s inter-office mail or newsletter to get the word out about your participation in the RBC Race for the Kids event. Change your voicemail and email signature to promote your fundraising efforts!
  • Coordinate a ‘dress down’ day at work where your colleagues get to wear their favourite jeans into the office in exchange for a donation. Make sure to check in with your organization’s HR team for dress code guidelines.

Offline Donations – what to do with cash and cheques received from your supporters
If your supporters give you cash or cheques made out to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, follow these simple steps that will allow you to update your thermometer right away:

  • Log in to your personal fundraising page and click on the Donations option on the top toolbar.
  • Choose to add an Offline Donation
  • Enter the $ amount and donation type as well as the donor information from a specific donor (their name, address, email, phone).
  • Once we receive the donations they will appear as verified.
  • Mail or hand deliver cheques to:

Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
Attn: RBC Race for the Kids
2888 Shaganappi Trail NW
Calgary, AB  T3B 6A8

All cash and cheques must be accompanied by a completed offline pledge form. Be sure cheques are made out to Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, and include your full name and team name on your package.

10.    Stay focused
Remind yourself of why you are participating in the event and how the money you raise will help youth in our community who need it most. Talk to friends, family and other fundraisers for inspiration and ideas.

11.    Send a personal thank you
Once the event is over and you have completed your fundraising, send the results to your donors and thank them for their support so they know where their money went – you might reach out to them for support again next year!