RBC Race for Kids

ACH Site Leadership

At the Alberta Children’s Hospital, we have seen the impact of the rising need for mental health services for children and youth in Calgary.  An estimated 60,000 children and youth in our city require mental health and psychiatric intervention each year.  Since 2003, children and youth accessing outpatient mental health services has increased by 380%.  Urgent and emergent hospital admissions have increased by 480%.    
We are proud to work in a hospital that provides treatment, therapy and healing for children and youth who require our mental health expertise, care and services.  However, we would like to help children and youth receive early intervention so hopefully they never need to enter the doors of our hospital.  This year’s first ever in Calgary, RBC Run for Kids will raise funds to help improve Mental Health Literacy in schools. With earlier intervention, young people can get the help and support they need well before their concerns turn into crises.
The management team at the Alberta Children’s Hospital works hard every day to help provide the highest standard of care for our patients and families.  We want to show that our support for children and youth extends beyond the doors of our hospital.  At the RBC Run for Kids we want to have some fun together, bring our families while we race (yes, running is great, but walking counts!) at beautiful Heritage Park and show our support for children and youth  in the community.  We have set an ambitious fundraising goal of $12,900 which symbolizes $100 from each program in our telephone directory!
Thanks for supporting our team.

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