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Why we need to be The OCD Challengers
Why we need to be The OCD Challengers

The OCD Challengers

Did You Know .........

  • OCD can emerge at any time, but most commonly appears between ages 7-12 years or in late teens
  • Up to half of all adults with OCD say their symptoms started when they were children
  • OCD occurs in 2-3% of children and adults during their lifetime
  • It takes, on average, between 14 to 17 years between onset of OCD symptoms and access to effective treatment
It is these facts and more that motivated me to find a way to give back to the OCD Community. My name is Dr. Felicity Sapp and as a Psychologist specializing in OCD, I have been involved in the OCD Community for close to 15 years both as an annual presenter and a participant at IOCDF conferences in the US. I wanted to give back to the OCD Community and create my own fundraising initiative in Canada, and particularly in Calgary where I live. 
OCD continues to be misunderstood by many and ongoing efforts to reduce the stigma and oversimplification of this disorder are needed. I have seen first-hand how OCD can rob individuals of years of their lives as they succumb to its demands. OCD does not just affect the sufferer but those around them as well. OCD is a neurobiological disorder which means that it is the way that the brain is wired at a particular time - and so with proper evidence- based treatment, it can be rewired and many individuals with OCD can live meaningful and rewarding lives. Children's and teen's brains are still developing and that means with early intervention we can retrain their brains and teach them how to control and manage OCD for their lifetime. 
I created The OCD Challengers to run/walk in support of The Children's OCD Program at the Alberta Children's Hospital. It is a family centered, evidence based, multi-discipline program that aims to provide children/youth and their parents the best care possible using the the most effective treatment methods. There are opportunities for families to participate in research studies and for the education of psychiatry and psychology students in the effective management of pediatric OCD. 
If you join The OCD Challengers, any donations made will go toward helping children and teens suffering from OCD. It will help them become equipped with the needed tools to CHALLENGE OCD for their lifetime and stop the statistic that it takes 14-17 years before individuals receive effective treatment. We can make a difference!
A donation of $3,300.00 from RBC is secured and in addition, funds up to $10,000 will be matched by an anonymous donor for this much needed cause.

Together as a community we can Walk/Run on September 23, 2018 and be The OCD Challengers!
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