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Memorial Gifts

Donors can honor and provide a lasting remembrance dedicated to relatives, friends, colleagues and loved ones who have passed.

Upon receipt of your gift, we’ll send a letter to the honouree’s next of kin in acknowledgement of your special gift (the amount of your gift will be kept strictly confidential). When donating a memorial gift, please include the name of the honouree, as well as the name and address of the next of kin.

Memorial donations will support the priority needs of the hospital including programs like Respite Care Services at Rotary Flames House unless the Next of Kin requests donations to be designated to another funding area.

If you are an INDIVIDUAL, making a donation using your personal funds, please continue with your donation by completing the Individual Donation Form

If you represent a COMPANY or ORGANIZATION, and are making this donation using their funds, please continue with your donation by completing the Corporate Donation Form 

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