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Even the smallest hands can make the biggest difference!

Thanks to you, kids and families across southern Alberta are getting the best possible care at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Through lemonade stands or garage sales, birthday parties or theme days at school, kids of all ages are using their creative energy to make a difference for sick and injured children in our community ... and having fun while doing it!

Many kids give because they are grateful for the help they personally received at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Some of them want to help because a friend or sibling had to come to the hospital for cancer treatment or a special surgery. Others simply think that it is the right thing to do. Whatever the reason behind it or the size of the gift, every donation makes a huge difference to families at the hospital.

Kids Helping Kids is our way of celebrating your imagination and enthusiasm as you support important research, high-tech equipment and special programming. You can download our fundraising toolkit to give you ideas and help get you started in your fundraising efforts. We look forward to working with you and we thank you in advance for everything you’re doing to help make life better for kids in our community.


How you can help

The Kids Helping Kids program is full of ambitious and generous children who want to make an impact and raise money for life-saving equipment, programs and family-centred care in support of kids at the Alberta Children's Hospital. Get some ideas about how you and your friends can help and find out what students in your community are doing to support kids and families.

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2019_KHK_Homepage_4How we can help you

We want to help you make your fundraiser a very successful event and so we’ve put together some tools you might find really useful.

Endorsement letter

Sometimes it helps if people know that the Foundation is behind you in what you’re doing. We’d be happy to write a letter letting them know we think your idea is great and we hope they’ll support you.

Event signage

We can send you an official Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation poster, which you can personalize for your event to show what you’re doing and where the money’s going.

Fundraising webpage

You can start your own personal fundraising page on our website where you’ll be able to add pictures, set a goal and let your friends and family know why you have decided to raise money for this important cause. Start your own page today.

Please note: To protect our donor and fundraiser privacy, there is a $5 fee to set up your personal fundraising page. This fee will be applied to the overall fundraising goal and is tax deductible. It is an easy way to kickstart your fundraising campaign. Your fee will be applied at the end of the registration process. If you prefer, we can set up your page for you. Contact us directly and we will work with you to get your fundraising page up and running.

Donation tracking form

We can provide you with a donation tracking form so you can keep a list of who has contributed to your fundraiser.



Thank you for helping

Build new skills

In addition to the thousands of children and families who you’ll be helping by raising money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, organizing an event or fundraiser will help you develop some great skills to list on a job application or resume!

As a fundraiser, you'll now have experience in project management, money management, setting and achieving goals, and working with and inspiring others.

Donor wall and cheque

We want to celebrate you and all of your hard work on behalf of the sick and injured kids in our community. Everyone who participates in the Kids Helping Kids program will have the opportunity to place a personalized heart on the donor wall at the Foundation office in the hospital or below on our digital donor wall. This way, the entire community can be inspired by your generosity.

We would also love to have a cheque presentation so you can get your photo taken with our large cheque, either at the hospital or at your school!

Celebration and awards

Once a year, we celebrate all the amazing young fundraisers who are supporting kids at the hospital and we hand out awards for outstanding Kids Helping Kids efforts, including:
email_form_heart.png Top fundraising individual
email_form_heart.png Top fundraising group
email_form_heart.png Top fundraising school
email_form_heart.png Hero award*

*This special recognition is given to a child or group who demonstrates excellence in creativity, spirit or passion in their fundraising for the Alberta Children's Hospital.

Digital donor wall

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    There are always GREAT events going on in support of the Alberta Children's Hospital!                                                  

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