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In the News

Incredible things happen at the Alberta Children's Hospital every day – breakthrough research, specialized treatments, new announcements, generous donations and more. Here are just a few updates, stories and features of things that are happening at the hospital lately.



Research leads to future cardiac blood test

MAY 2021

Thanks to support from donors, researchers have  developed  a blood test that could change the way cardiac specialists care for kids like Alexyss, who live with a common and dangerous condition called a Bicuspid Aortic Valve.

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A legacy of impact

MAY 2021

Charlie Fischer—businessman, philanthropist, community leader and friend—has been honoured posthumously for a legacy of giving that has reshaped pediatric care in Alberta.

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Brainwave breakthrough

MARCH 2021

Thanks to generous people like you, the Alberta Children's Hospital is using new Brain Computer Interface technology that is opening up a world of possibilities for kids. 

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Mental health research given federal boost

MARCH 2021

With the mental health of young people an ever-growing concern, community support and a new multi-million-dollar federal grant are enabling a team of scientists at the Alberta Children’s Hospital to explore brain circuitry that could hold the key to early identification, prevention and treatment of mental illness.  

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New laser tech changing lives


Thanks to community donations, life-changing brain surgery is now possible for children whom surgery just wasn't an option — until now. 

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Important discovery


Using 3T MRI technology funded by the community, scientists at the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute have uncovered an important link between prenatal depression and brain development. 

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Brain-computer interface helps children interact

JULY 2020

Some people look at Peyton Temple and may think a disabled body means a disabled mind. Her parents know that's not the case. Brain-computer interface harnesses brainwaves to control computers and other devices, opening up a world of opportunity for kids like Peyton. 

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KidSIM saving lives with simulation

APRIL 2020

Within Canada’s first and largest hospital-based pediatric simulation lab, our experts have helped thousands of doctors, nurses, surgeons and residents sharpen their skills in treating children who require resuscitation, heart-lung bypass, critical care while in transport, surgical intervention and more.

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                           Text4Hope 2020 news square.jpg  

Mental Health Support for Families

MARCH 2020

Text4Hope is a new text-based service being offered to help our community, especially families, build resilience and work through the challenges of these unprecedented times.

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Making pain care a priority


Hospital earns international recognition for culture of comfort and pain research shows that positivity matters.

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Introducing our 2020 Champion Child!


We are thrilled to introduce Sydnee, this year's official ambassador for the Alberta Children's Hospital as part of the Children's Miracle Network Champions Program.

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Changing Practice, Changing Lives


New portable ventilator funded through Country 105 Caring for Kids Radiothon helps critically-ill children get moving toward recovery.

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                           Olivia brain health square  

Brain Health


Scientists at the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) are harnessing the power of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study normal brain development and differentiations in children.

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                           Emma Walker  

Beyond pain

JULY 2019

The Intensive Pain Rehabilitation Program empowers Emma Walker to go about the world without the fear of crippling pain burdening her every day. Plus Dr. Adam Kirton's research using brain-computer interface technology is finding new ways for children with limited movement and speech to gain independence.

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What your support has built since 1992

JULY 2019

The Children's Hospital Lottery has funded many ground-breaking initiatives that have helped the hospital become an international leader in child heath care and research. Here's a look back to showcase some of the advancements made possible through your support of the lottery.

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In the best hands

APRIL 2019

When Lisa Heinrichs first looked into her baby's big brown eyes, she was certain he'd grow up to be a heartbreaker. Little did she know it would be her own heart that would break with a diagnosis he received just months later.

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The world can see her smile

MAY 2019

Anika was born with a rare condition that paralyzed half of her face. Two of her nerves didn’t work as they should. She couldn’t move her eyebrows. She was unable to smile. By supporting the Kinsmen Lotto for the Alberta Children's Hospital, you will help kids like Anika.

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Hope for the future

APRIL 2019

The Olstad family has put all their energy into honouring their son Lewiston's memory by giving back to families facing the same diagnosis — spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). A pilot project for SMA newborn screening aims to spare families the pain of losing a child.

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