Before You Get Started

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the ways we can support you and learn about our events policies.

Here’s what we can offer:

  • A kickoff meeting where you will learn about our world-class facility and inspiring staff and patients. We can explain the current needs of the hospital and discuss where you would most like to make an impact.
  • The opportunity to share more information about your idea and benefit from our best practices. For example, we can guide you through successful fundraising mechanisms (online donation page, raffles, auctions) and share our helpful templates from our toolkit (event checklist, budget outline, sponsorship document, endorsement letter), impactful material and more.
  • We can chat about COVID-friendly fundraising ideas and tax receipting information, as well as other ways to support you, including volunteers, signage, a guest speaker and even point-of-sale payment machines.
  • The chance to be matched with an experienced fundraiser to mentor and guide you through the rewarding process of organizing a fundraising event.
  • The association of your name or brand with the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Please note:

  • We respectfully ask that you wait to start fundraising until AFTER you have contacted us and submitted the application form.
  • Your fundraiser must comply with relevant local, provincial and federal laws.
  • You will be responsible for obtaining any/all necessary insurance, licenses and permits required to conduct your fundraising activity.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring your fundraiser runs safely.
  • Monies and goods may only be collected for the purpose stated in the application form.
  • Approval is required for Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation logo usage.

Chances are, you may have a personal story about the Alberta Children’s Hospital or know someone who does. Whatever your inspiration for supporting the hospital, the impact on children, social reward, learning opportunity and connection with new people can be an experience like no other.

Questions? Please email us.