Meet the Experts of the Alberta Children’s Hospital

Meet the Experts of the Alberta Children’s Hospital

The Country 105 Caring for Kids Radiothon has been a window into the life-changing, life-saving care that happens every day at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Join us for the 20th anniversary of the most heartwarming radio event of the year and show your support for sick and injured kids and the experts who care for them. This year, there are five special Power Hours, focusing on funding critical equipment to help build healthier futures for all children in our community.

Dr. Adam Spencer, Pediatric Anesthesiologist

Point-of-care ultrasound is a game-changing technology for anesthesiologists. It can help diagnose an issue or perform a procedure as safely, accurately and efficiently as possible and provides real-time information to help make care decisions in the moment. Your donations helped purchase this state-of-the-art ultrasound for the Anesthesiology Department. Dr. Adam Spencer explains how this newer and better technology will help provide the best, most personalized care possible for every child by providing clearer and more precise pictures. See how this equipment helps anesthesiologists like Dr. Spencer in coverage by Global Calgary.

Dr. Tania Principi, Section Chief Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Cardio-Respiratory Monitors act like early warning system and help critical care experts understand who the sickest children are and who is at risk of becoming sicker. With respiratory viruses such as COVID, Influenza and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) surging in the community, the Alberta Children’s Hospital is experiencing sustained high volumes of acutely ill patients requiring care. Your donations will help purchase three new state-of-the-art cardio-respiratory monitors. Dr. Tania Principi explains how these monitors can detect subtle changes and help predict and prevent respiratory and heart failure in children and babies, allowing the team to intervene before there is a crisis.

Dr. Jay Riva-Cambrin, Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Endoscopes are like a surgeon’s swiss army knife – one tool that does several things: cuts and cauterizes and uses a camera tip to see what they’re doing – things they can’t see with the naked eye. This year, your donations will help purchase 2 state-of-the-art Neurosurgical Endoscopes that will provide the best images and agility to surgeons while they are performing delicate and complex procedures within the brain. Watch Dr. Jay Riva-Cambrin’s interview to learn more about how precision is everything when it comes to operating in and around the brain.

Dr. Ping-Wei Chen, Emergency Physician and Co-Medical Director of the Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team

This year, your donations will help purchase two state-of-the-art Critical Care Transport Ventilators to help the Alberta Children’s Hospital Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team to support babies and children who need life-saving emergency care across southern Alberta, southwestern Saskatchewan and southeastern British Columbia. Watch Dr. Ping’s interview to learn more about how this critical equipment helps this specialized and nimble team treat the tiniest babies to strapping 17-year-old teenagers en route to the hospital. See how these amazing teams help rural families like Liam’s, whose story aired on Global Calgary.

Dr. Jennifer Unrau, Neonatologist

This year, your donations will help purchase a state-of-the-art Jet Ventilator – a crucial piece of equipment for our Edwards Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) that will improve outcomes for more newborns with a ride range of respiratory conditions. Dr Jennifer Unrau speaks to the importance of having the best tools available, like the Jet Ventilator, so our team of experts can help babies achieve the very best outcomes and go home from the NICU as healthy as possible.

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