Childrens Hospital Lottery 2024 Changes Lives

Childrens Hospital Lottery 2024 Changes Lives

You can make a big difference for the smallest babies at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. 

Baby Cedric needed a team of experts to help him get to his first birthday. Born three months premature, he weighed just over two pounds. Cedric’s lungs were the size of walnuts and he needed a ventilator to breathe until his lungs grew strong enough to support him.  

For 70 days, the Alberta Children’s Hospital was baby Cedric’s home. There he relied on the specialized critical care experts in the Edwards Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) who kept a careful eye on his tiny lungs while also managing a dangerous build-up of fluid in his brain, called hydrocephalus.

World-class specialized care and state-of-the-art equipment gave Cedric his best chance at a healthy life and today he is absolutely thriving at home as a strong, healthy and busy toddler. 

Surprisingly, the Edwards Family NICU at the Alberta Children’s Hospital cares for babies in our province even smaller than Cedric – some weighing less than a pound.

Children’s Hospital Lottery

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You can help make more moments of joy possible for kids like Claire, simply by purchasing a ticket to this year’s Children’s Hospital Lottery.

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Proceeds of this year’s Children’s Hospital Lottery will equip skilled these critical care specialists with more advanced, state-of-the-art neonatal ventilators to support babies too fragile to even breathe on their own.

“When people ask us what the Alberta Children’s Hospital means to us, it means our son,” says Tallis.

“He wouldn’t be the silly busy toddler he is today without our incredible team of specialists who took such wonderful care of him. They gave him the best chance at a healthy start to life, and we are forever grateful to them and everyone who supports the hospital and families like ours.”

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