Change Lives with the Children’s Hospital Lottery

Change Lives with the Children’s Hospital Lottery

Imagine feeling trapped inside your body, unable to walk, talk or use your hands, yet fully aware of the world around you. What if, somehow, you could use your brain to do things your body cannot?

Claire has cerebral palsy and while she is unable to move on her own or speak, this smart, giggly and sassy seven-year-old is determined to be the life of the party.

Though she cannot walk or talk, Claire is intellectually intact and highly aware. Her brain has been in essence trapped inside her body. Until now.

Thanks to state-of-the art technology called Brain Computer Interface (BCI), experts at the Alberta Children’s Hospital are helping Claire explore her world in new and exciting ways by harnessing the power of her brain. Wearing a special headset, Claire concentrates on certain words that signal the BCI technology to control a variety of devices.

Through BCI, Claire can use her mind to do things her body cannot. For the first time in her life, and using only her mind, she can switch on toys, play video games, shoot her brothers with a dart gun, and roll a mechanical dice during family game nights. She can even operate the blender to help her mom make her favourite milkshakes and smoothies – just with her mind!

“BCI has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for Claire we never dreamed were possible for her,” says her mom Stephanie. “She is learning how to express herself, gain independence and interact with our family in new and wonderful ways. We are so proud of her.”

Children’s Hospital Lottery

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Proceeds of this year’s Children’s Hospital Lottery will help expand the BCI program to help more children with severe neurological disabilities engage in learning and play and reach their fullest potential.

“We are so grateful to our BCI team and this technology that has been life-changing for Claire,” says Stephanie. “The potential BCI holds for her, and other children like her is so exciting. We call her ‘Claire the Unstoppable’, and we can’t wait to see what her future holds, and what she can learn to do next. We know with our incredible specialists and generous support from our community, anything is possible.”

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