Play spaces for all patients and families

When the “new” Alberta Children’s Hospital opened in 2006, patients and families were thrilled to discover the colourful playgrounds in the front and back yards. A few years later, when the Rotary Flames House opened its doors, careful consideration was given to the play space positioned prominently beside the front entrance. While these special outdoor spaces have been well-used and enjoyed by countless children and families over the years, the complexity and needs of Alberta Children’s Hospital patients have changed since the playgrounds were first constructed. Now is the time to redevelop these vital healing spaces and address opportunities for increased wheelchair accessibility, expanded physical and occupational therapy opportunities and improved patient and family connections.

With your support, re-imagined recreational and therapeutic spaces can be created on the grounds of the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Rotary Flames House. Patient and family advisors, along with hospital caregivers, have provided input into considerations for the new design which will:

  • Increase Therapy Opportunities: The new playgrounds will include spaces that will allow patients to advance their therapy in an engaging way. Innovative playground equipment will promote progression through reaching, walking and climbing for those who are able.
  • Improve Accessibility Options: With the addition of larger/wider ramps and wheelchair-accessible play equipment, more children will have the opportunity for therapeutic play on the grounds of the hospital and hospice.
  • Normalize the Hospital Experience: Elements of music and nature will be incorporated into the new design to contribute to overall child development and wellness. Movement and outdoors has been proven to enhance physical and mental well-being for all ages.
  • Increase Community Building: Well-designed spaces will help patients and families connect with others who might be undergoing similar experiences at the hospital.

This project will ensure that the Alberta Children’s Hospital meets the needs of children of all abilities, genders, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, allowing them to experience play in a way that is meaningful to them and strengthen their treatment and therapy plans.

New and improved playground spaces in the front and back yards of the main hospital, as well as at Rotary Flames House, will demonstrate the long-standing campus-wide commitment to patient and family-centred care and further solidify the Alberta Children’s Hospital as a world-class pediatric healthcare centre. These critical new spaces will enhance physiotherapy, occupational and rehabilitation services while providing opportunities overall wellness and socialization for patients and families at the hospital. For more information, please email us!