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Planning a fundraising event

It's easy! Just follow these simple steps


1. Decide how you want to raise money to help the kids!

There are many different ways to inspire your coworkers, friends, and family to help the kids at the hospital. Some examples include: marathon events, trivia nights, sporting events, runs/walks, auctions, bake sales, bike rides, galas, concerts, jeans days, golf tournaments, head shaves, and toy drives to name a few! Download our Fundraising Handbook for more ideas for how you can help.

2. Tell us your plans!

Please fill out the online application form.

Alternatively, you may download and print out an application form. Then email, or mail or deliver to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation: 

Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
Community Initiatives 
2nd Floor, 28 Oki Drive NW 
Calgary, AB T3B 6A8


3. Wait for approval

Once you have submitted your Application Form, please wait for approval from the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation before your continue planning or begin promoting your event.


4. Sign the agreement

Once your event has been approved, we will send you an Agreement Form. Please read, sign and return the form to us.

5. Continue planning your event!

We will provide you with the fundraising tools and support that you requested, and be here to answer any questions that you may have along the way. Here are some other helpful hints:

red heart bulletCreate a checklist of tasks to be completed for your fundraising activity.
red heart bulletRecruit family and friends to be on an event committee to help you with tasks and logistics.

red heart bulletStart approaching sponsors (if applicable) and letting guests and supporters know about your fundraiser as soon as details are confirmed.
red heart bulletPlease ensure all funds and donor information is collected and tracked. To assist you with this process we have donation collection tools we can provide.

red heart bulletRaise funds online! Adding an online fundraising page is an easy way for people near and far to support you! Create your very own page where you can add photos, inspire friends and family, and keep a running total of your online donations!

red heart bulletProvide the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation with a list of sponsors, donors, and attendees that you are involving in your event so that we can do special thank you's or provide you with additional support and history.
red heart bulletHave fun!

PLEASE NOTE: For your safety, the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation has established a policy to not support or encourage door-to-door fundraising campaigns.


6. Collect your funds and come for a visit!

Now that your fundraiser is complete:

red heart bulletPlease ensure all funds and donor information is collected. 
red heart bulletCome visit us at the Foundation for a cheque presentation and tour!
red heart bulletPlease remember to return any signage (banners or posters) that you borrowed for your fundraiser.

Don't forget, you can call or email us anytime if you have questions:
403.955.8818 or toll free 1.877.715.KIDS (5437)

    There are always GREAT events going on in support of the Alberta Children's Hospital!                                                  

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