Join the Celebration!

This year, the Alberta Children’s Hospital turns 100 years old! It’s a huge milestone – an opportunity to celebrate a tremendous history of caring for children and families made possible by people like you.

100 Years of Hope + Healing

We hope everyone will get swept up in the excitement! The hospital is such a source of pride for people in our community – as it should be – since your generosity helped make it the world-class hospital that it is today…and will continue to shape child health in the future.

100 Years. 100% for Kids.

MaddenMeet Madden
Eight-year-old Madden is proof that cutting-edge child health research and innovative care can change a family’s history. And proof that community support for both saves lives.

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LaurenMeet Lauren
Lauren had never considered herself to be superstitious. That is until Friday, August 13, 2021. That was the day she and her family received the heartbreaking news that she had bone cancer.

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NinaMeet Nina
“BCI4Kids” uses brain computer interface technologies that recognize and “translate” changes in Nina’s thought patterns into computer-powered action.

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