Saifa Koonar
President & CEO
Contact: CEO@achf.com

Liz Ballendine
Vice President, Fund Development, Community Initiatives and Events
Contact: CommunityInitiatives@achf.com

Justine Clay
Vice President, Communications & Digital Engagement
Contact: Communication@achf.com

Jan Golightly
Senior Director, Human Resources & Workplace Operations
Contact: HR@achf.com

Chelsea Hipperson
Vice President, Finance
Contact: Donations@achf.com

Jennifer Kamps
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Contact: Grants@achf.com

Jody Schwartz
Vice President, Communications & Community Engagement
Contact: Communication@achf.com

Lynn Van Hyfte
Vice President, Fund Development, Major, Annual and Planned Giving
Contact: Philanthropy@achf.com