All projects start with a good idea! And good ideas come from many places―including front-line clinical staff, physicians, allied health, researchers, executive leadership, community organizations and our donors. Innovation and impact are key to the success of initiatives funded by the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. We work closely with our partners to optimize both through a process that engages funding applicants from concept through implementation.

The Co-Development Process

Co-development process


Our Partner Working Group is the first point of contact for new project ideas to help interested applicants understand the co-development approach within a fair and transparent process. The core membership of the Partner Working Group includes:

  • Nick Berdusco, Program Officer, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Fatma Abdel Halim, Site Director, Alberta Children’s Hospital, Alberta Health Services
  • Jenny Morrow, Grant Coordinator, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Christina Hirota, Strategic Development Manger, Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, University of Calgary

The Partner Working Group facilitates the co-development process. One of the first steps is to “test your concept” with relevant ACH/AHS/UCalgary leadership and stakeholders to determine if your idea will move to a full funding application. Depending on the focus of your project, a different “test your concept” approach may be required. The Partner Working Group will help you to navigate this process.

The co-development process involves extensive due diligence, collaborative development and design, and executive review and sponsorship. Although this takes time, it is a crucial part of ensuring our donor community can support initiatives that make a meaningful impact on children and families. We have adopted this strategic and thoughtful co-development approach because, by working together, we can make the biggest difference for our community.

Once your project has been fully developed, it will be submitted for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation three-stage review process. If your project is approved for funding, our team will work with you on clarifying all of the terms and conditions of funding, including requirements for annual progress reporting. Annual reporting helps us to understand your project’s activity, progress and path toward impact while also providing an opportunity to help address any challenges you may face along the way.

Each step in this process presents an opportunity for us to steward and engage our donor community in the important work you do. Together, we can transform the lives of children and families.

Have a project idea or want to learn more about the process?

Reach out to one of the Partner Working Group Members or contact the Foundation’s Grant Team by email or at 403.955.8810.