University of Calgary

The University of Calgary has declared Child Health and Wellness as an institutional priority - becoming the first university in Canada to put children at the centre of its research. Forty years of community support have enabled UCalgary to build a critical mass of researchers and physicians committed to advancing the science behind children’s health.

New knowledge is crucial to understanding, predicting and preventing disease throughout the lifespan. Now, with the full force of the university behind them, experts across the entire campus are working together with the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Alberta Health Services and our community to solve the most critical issues facing children and families today.

Based on its strengths, the most urgent needs of children, and where the greatest impact can be achieved, UCalgary has identified five grand challenges that form the basis for the university’s next chapter in scientific discovery – focused on transforming research and care to benefit children in our community and around the world:

  • From Vulnerable to Resilient Identifying, understanding and effectively addressing serious threats to children’s physical and mental health while empowering families and communities.
  • Better Beginnings Optimizing maternal, fetal, newborn and child health with accurate prediction, prevention and intervention.
  • Pushing the Boundaries of Brain & Mental Health Leading discoveries in brain biology, resilience and new therapies for children, teens and young adults.
  • Ending the Diagnostic Odyssey Rapidly deciphering and addressing the genetic origins of disease to optimize tailored treatment.
  • Surviving and Thriving Reducing the lifelong impact of childhood cancers by advancing precision therapies today and developing new treatments for tomorrow

Taking another bold and innovative position, in partnership with the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, UCalgary has launched the UCeed Fund for Child Health and Wellness. UCeed Child Health and Wellness is the first seed stage investment fund of its kind in Canada. It is a catalyst and accelerator that is helping the best and the brightest scientists convert their discoveries into important medical advancements for children and families. UCeed is building and supporting a pipeline of new child health-focused start-ups to get innovative technologies to market faster. Now more than ever, we see the need for innovative health solutions that are made in Canada. With community support, UCeed has the potential to help change the future for children, promising home-grown companies and our entire community.