Kids Helping Kids

Even the smallest hands can make the biggest difference, and that’s what the Kids Helping Kids program is all about. Through lemonade stands, craft and bake sales, head shaves, birthday parties and more, young people are channeling their energy to positively impact the lives of sick and injured children in our community―and they're having fun, too!

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Kids Helping Kids celebrates young fundraisers whose efforts support ground-breaking research, state-of-the-art equipment and the family-centred programs that make the Alberta Children’s Hospital world-class. See where your money goes.

Many kids give because they are grateful for the care they received at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Some are inspired by a friend or sibling who received cancer treatment or underwent an important surgery. Others just feel it’s the right thing to do. Whatever your reason or the size of your donation, everyone can make a difference.

Not only does it feel great to help others, Kids Helping Kids comes with a few added benefits, too:

New skills. As a fundraiser, not only will you be helping thousands of kids and families, you’ll gain new experience in project management, money management, setting and achieving goals, and working with and inspiring others!

Recognition of a job well done. We celebrate the hard work of young fundraisers every chance we get. Everyone who participates in the Kids Helping Kids program will have the opportunity to place a personalized heart on the donor wall at the Foundation office in the hospital. There is also the opportunity for a cheque presentation, either at the hospital or your school!

Kids Helping Kids Celebration. Once a year, we come together (virtually or in person) to celebrate all of our young fundraisers and their hard work that helps hospital experts provide the best care possible for kids and families. Awards are given to top fundraising individuals, groups and schools.

Meet our 2022 Kids Helping Kids Award winners!

HERO Award Winners

Carter Simpson, 11, grew his hair out for a head-shaving fundraiser, which took place at Hockey Marathon for the Kids. He raised $7,280.92 for pediatric cancer research in honour of the care his cousin received for cancer at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.



Jayda, 15, and Bianca, 16, organized an all-star charity basketball game as a way to increase mental health awareness and raise $10,000 for youth mental health programs and services funded through the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation! They also used their social media to provide resources and information about mental health.



Rhaine Marquardt, 17, co-founded the ‘Building Hope’ campaign, which sold sweatshirts to raise $16,350 for mental health programs and services funded through the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation!




Zachary Walker, 9, spent two years growing his hair out for a head-shaving fundraiser to benefit childhood cancer initiatives funded by the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. He raised $4,814! The fundraiser was in honour of his dad, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2019.


Top Fundraising School

George McDougall High School raised an incredible $47,000 through their 11th annual bike-a-thon, Ride of the Mustang!



Top Fundraising Group

Sauce Hockey. These young hockey players held two fundraisers throughout 2022 to raise a total of $2,400! The idea was spearheaded by team member Rory Schollar, who inspired his team to band together in support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation after receiving care at the hospital.


Top Fundraiser Over 10 and Under 10

Page Krause, 12, and Blakley Dahl, 9, organized bottle drives to support kids and families who rely on the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Their goal is to ask 100 companies in the Calgary area to support their cause with a $1,000 match and so far they have raised more than $30,000!

Fundraising ideas

When it comes to ways young people can help kids, the sky is the limit. Here are some ideas for a fundraiser you can set up on your own or with your family, friends, neighbours and classmates!

  • Host a walk or run
  • Car wash
  • Garage sale
  • Head shave
  • Help a neighbour
  • Costume contest
  • Dance or talent show
  • Theme day at school
  • Principal for a day

Have your own idea? We can help!

While a fundraising initiative takes time and effort, we have many tools and that will help you along the way! Tell us about your idea using this events application form and a member of our team will get back to you in short order.

Note for fundraisers: If you are collecting cash donations from people (a lemonade stand, for instance) let us know when you are ready to submit those! Email us and we’ll be happy to guide you.