Employee Engagement

More than 100,000 children and families rely on specialized care from the Alberta Children’s Hospital every year. With your help, they can count on the very best world-class care.

There are many ways for employees or employee groups to help kids at the hospital and build team spirit along the way:

  • Employee giving campaigns: Employees can choose to participate within a specific timeframe or become monthly donors.
  • Attend an event: Helping kids can be so much fun – especially when it’s a shared experience.
  • Customer/client facing campaigns: Involve your customers by giving them the opportunity to donate with their purchase.
  • Sponsor an event: See our Sponsorship Opportunities.
  • Corporate match: Double the impact of your customer or employee gifts.
  • Gift-in-kind donation: Auction items are a great way to help raise funds at events.
  • Host an event: Guidebook and online tools available. Email us.
  • Volunteer: More information here.

Did you know?

Canadians want to work for companies that reflect their values. Research has found that 74% of employees find their job more fulfilling when they are provided with an opportunity to make a positive impact at work. Employees working for companies with strong corporate social responsibility programs tend to find their jobs more meaningful, boosting engagement. And that impact is up to 20% stronger when employees are given a say in those activities.

For more information or help getting started email us.

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