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Meet Aizad!

2016/17 Champion Child as part of Children's Miracle Network Champions Presented by Walmart!

On September 27, 2011 ten-year-old Aizad was walking home from school. It was a windy day and Aizad remembers one of his Pokemon cards blowing out of his hand as he was crossing the street.  He bent to pick it up and was hit by a car.

AIzadPassersby noticed that the tag on his backpack had his address on it. They quickly ran up the street to get his mother. When Saher arrived, the child on the street was so injured, she did not recognize him … until she saw her son’s shoe lying near him.

Aizad was rushed to the Alberta Children’s Hospital where his heart stopped. Thankfully, the trauma team was able to revive him, but his injuries were extensive. Every single bone in his face had been broken. He had a brain hemorrhage, eight broken ribs, punctured lungs, spleen damage, broken legs, a severed spine, and broken wrists.

Not only did his parents need the hospital to save their son’s life. They needed the team to literally put him back together. Once Aizad was stabilized in the ICU, the long and painful recovery process began. His mom says that they measured how well he was doing by the tubes that were slowly disappearing day by day. He spent three weeks in ICU before being transferred to Unit 4. He endured multiple surgeries to begin repairing his face, a shunt, a feeding tube and for weeks communicated using a writing tablet. 

Today, with 14 plates in his face, Aizad’s big smile is back. He is in grade nine, enjoys Math class and watching action movies with his Dad. Someday, he hopes to take over his dad’s business.  His family calls him a “walking miracle.”

Aizad’s family says that they have no way to repay the huge team of people at the hospital who have helped their family.

“You never think it can happen to you, but I believe everyone will need the Alberta Children’s Hospital at some point,” says Saher. “The people here who supported us, they helped us get through the darkest days. Thanks to them and the community who support this hospital, Aizad is here with us today. We are so grateful.”

As the 2016/2017 Champion Child, Aizad will be an ambassador for the 95,000 kids and families helped by the hospital each year.


Champions is a Children's Miracle Network program presented by Walmart that honours remarkable children who have triumphed despite severe medical challenges. For their courage and perseverance, these children have been selected as international ambassadors for the 17 million kids treated each year at children's hospitals supported by Children’s Miracle Network.

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