Granting FAQs

What does the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation Fund?

We work collaboratively with our partners in clinical care, research and the community to catalyze and mobilize impactful child health initiatives across a continuum of prevention and promotion, advancing care in the hospital and enhancing care in the community.

While funding is not limited to a particular area of health or disease, it should be aligned with the strategic priorities of our key partners: the Alberta Children’s Hospital (Alberta Health Services) and the Child Health and Wellness Research team at the University of Calgary. Impact is our top priority and funding is typically awarded to multidisciplinary teams who are working together to tackle the most pressing challenges in child health.

We prioritize opportunities that:

  1. Advance the strategic priorities of our partners
  2. Are innovative and cutting edge
  3. Resonate with the donor community
  4. Achieve meaningful and measurable impact for children and families

Successful applications usually fall into the following areas:

  • Testing and implementing innovative new models of care to address specific child health issues
  • Cutting-edge equipment and technology to advance care, improve child health outcomes, and save lives
  • Enhancements that support the child and family experience at the Alberta Children’s Hospital
  • Strategic programs of research to increase knowledge and understanding of child health and/or advance care at the hospital
  • Education and training to build the capacity of researchers, clinicians and other health care professionals linked to a strategy to improve child health outcomes
  • Accelerating innovation to transform child health and wellness
  • Initiatives that establish or grow provincial, national and international profile and leadership in child health.
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What is not eligible for funding?
  • Core health programs delivering standard of care service
  • Regular building maintenance or renovations that are not linked to a larger strategy to improve child health outcomes
  • Stand-alone research projects that are not part of a strategic research program.
  • Physician or faculty salaries
  • Conference or event sponsorship
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Who does the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation fund?

We consider funding requests from our key partners, including:

  • Alberta Children’s Hospital, Alberta Health Services
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute/Child Health and Wellness Researchers, University of Calgary
  • Department of Pediatrics, Alberta Health Services, University of Calgary
  • Child and Adolescent Addiction, Mental Health and Psychiatry Program, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone
  • Child serving departments within Alberta Health Services and the University of Calgary
  • Child and family serving agencies in the community who work in partnership with one or more of our other key partners.
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Are there specific funding criteria?

When evaluating funding requests, we take these criteria into consideration:

Strategic Priority. Advances the strategic priorities of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation while driving the success of Alberta Children’s Hospital and ACHRI/Child Health and Wellness research agenda.

Impact. Achieves excellence through meaningful advancements in care and research to create the best health and best future for children and families.

Innovation. Supports new discoveries that will change the future of our community’s health.

Leverage. Attracts further investment and engagement from system partners, community stakeholders and government.

Financial Responsibility and Cost Effectiveness. Demonstrates solid business planning, fiscal accountability and sustainability.

Additionally, we look at a request’s:

  • Feasibility and state of readiness
  • Positioning for measurable progress and outcomes
  • Team composition
  • Fit for potential philanthropic funding
  • Connection to other past our current initiatives supported by the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
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Is there a minimum or maximum amount for grants?

No, there are no set amounts. We expect that a submission for funding will be based on a budget that has undergone the proper due diligence for the scope of the project. A detailed budget and budget justification are required with an application and will be reviewed and refined during the co-development process.

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Are multi-year projects eligible?

Yes, we will consider multi-year projects. All multi-year projects are subject to annual reporting and review.

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How do I apply for funding?

Our granting process provides you with an opportunity to share your project idea through an open and fair co-development process, which includes the meaningful participation of our key partners. The co-development process is facilitated through our Partner Working Group, whose standing membership includes representation from the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Alberta Children’s Hospital, the University of Calgary/Alberta Health Services Department of Pediatrics, and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

All projects start with a good idea! And good ideas come from many places – including front-line clinical staff, physicians, allied health, researchers, executive leadership, community organizations and our donors. The Partner Working Group is the first point of contact for new project ideas to help you understand the co-development process. Although this process takes time, it is a crucial part of our due diligence to ensure our donor community can support initiatives that make a meaningful impact on children and families.

Depending on the focus of the project, a different approach may be required to “test your concept” with the appropriate leadership. The Partner Working Group will help you to navigate this process. If your idea is invited to submit a full application, the required templates will be provided to you by a member of the Partner Working Group.

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What if I’m not invited to submit a full application?

There may be other funding sources via the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation or our partners that can assist with your project idea, outside of the partner co-development process. The Partner Working Group will work with you to identify other funding opportunities.

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What are the deadlines for submitting an application?

There are three to four submission opportunities per fiscal year and these dates are subject to change. Please contact the Foundation to confirm the current deadlines.

Keep in mind that you will need additional lead-time to secure necessary sponsorship and approvals before you submit your application to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. Timelines will be clarified during the co-development process.

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How are funding decisions made?

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the disbursement and stewardship of all community donations. They have established a three-step review and approval process designed to be open and fair.

Step 1: Funding, Impact and Oversight (FIO) Committee

The FIO Committee reviews all completed applications and determines whether the submission requires more information, clarification or details. This committee determines if the application will proceed to the next stage of review. Its membership includes:

  • President & CEO, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Senior Operating Officer, Alberta Children’s Hospital
  • Head, Department of Pediatrics
  • Director, Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute

The FIO Committee meets three to four times a year. Completed applications are due at least three weeks in advance of the meeting date. While the Committee makes its best effort to review all applications submitted, in the event of a large volume of submissions, some applications may have to be reviewed at the following meeting.

Step 2. Funding Priorities Committee

After an application has been recommended by the FIO Committee, the next level of review takes place with the Funding Priorities Committee, a Standing Committee of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. The Funding Priorities Committee may request additional information, clarification and details, and/or may request a presentation. This Committee has the authority to recommend an application for funding to the Board of Directors as well as the authority to decline. The Funding Priorities Committee is also responsible for overseeing the progress of all approved projects through both annual project reporting and impact evaluation.

Step 3: Board of Directors

The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Directors has the fiduciary responsibility to make decisions on child health funding. The Board will review and consider recommendations made by the Funding Priorities Committee.

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How long will it take to get a decision about our application?

Once an application has been submitted to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, the three stages of review described above typically take place over approximately eight weeks.

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Once our project has been approved what’s the next step?

If you are successful, within a few days of approval, you will be notified by email. We will then begin the process of working with you to develop a funding agreement for your project that will include:

  • Description of approved activities
  • Approved budget and payment schedule
  • Reporting requirements, including intended outcomes and indicators of progress and success and any other conditions of funding.
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If there is a donor who wants to support our project, why are an application review and approvals still required?

We are delighted to work with donors who have very specific wishes. However, all major investments in child health are subject to the same review and approval process to ensure that we:

  • Confirm alignment with the priorities of our partners at the Alberta Children’s Hospital/AHS and/or the UCalgary;
  • Understand and honour donor wishes;
  • Complete the appropriate due diligence to ensure the project is positioned for success; and
  • Meet the fiduciary obligations of the Foundation’s Board of Directors to be stewards of donor investment.
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Have a project idea or want to learn more about the process? Contact the Foundation’s Grant Team.