Inspiring Stories from Radiothon 2023 and Radiothon Rewind

Meet some of the families who moved our community during the Country 105 Caring for Kids Radiothon in 2023 and to celebrate our 20-year milestone, we’re excited to share some Radiothon stories that are simply timeless with our Radiothon Rewind series.

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2023 Stories

Jacob | Joaquin | Tyson | Avery | Bode

Radiothon Rewind

Colette | Sam and Dan | Maddie | Sam and Kristina | Hudson | Sam and Corinne | Bronwyn | Ryley | Jacey | Natalie | Jillian | Willa

Jacob’s Story – Radiothon 2023

The detective work around little Jacob’s health was so intense that the Alberta Children’s Hospital tapped into connections from around the globe to search for a diagnosis. As the family waited for answers, they thought a holiday in Hawaii could be a good distraction… but that soon unveiled more clues about Jacob’s rare condition.

Joaquin’s Story – Radiothon 2023

Last September, on a seemingly-regular evening, eleven-year-old Joaquin was hanging out at a friend’s place, just a few blocks away from home. As dinnertime approached, he hopped on his bike and headed back to his family – except, he didn’t make it home. Here’s Joaquin’s dad, James.

Tyson’s Story – Radiothon 2023

When they named their son after a world heavyweight boxing champion, Josh and Courtney had no idea how much strength baby Tyson already had in him. At just 12 weeks old, he was diagnosed with cancer and from that point on, little Tyson has shown what a fighter he is. Here’s proud dad, Josh.

Avery’s Story – Radiothon 2023

This fall, during a surge in respiratory illnesses, Avery was just nine days old when she needed the Alberta Children’s Hospital to save her life. There amidst the busyness of the emergency room and intensive care unit – and some very frightening days, her parents Lexi and Tyrell found more than world-class specialized care. They found love and compassion. Here’s Avery’s mom, Lexi.

Bode’s Story – Radiothon 2023

Bode is one in a million. Literally. If you’re a radiothon regular, you may remember that this time last year, the ten-year-old was suffering the effects of a life-threatening blood disorder that put him into bone marrow failure and left him with zero immunity. Here’s mom, Susanne with an update.

Radiothon Rewind

Colette’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2015

At 14 years old, Colette loved Irish dancing so much that she considered it a part of who she was. But when cancer forced her to take a break from it, she turned her attention to her second love: science. Here’s Colette in 2015.

Sam’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2015

When Dan and Connie’s son Sam became severely ill from a bacterial infection, they were in a rural hospital, hours away from the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Thankfully, our Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team was able to fly to them… just in time to stabilize Sam and begin delivering the specialized, life-saving care he needed. Here’s Dan in 2015.

Maddie’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2015

If you asked 16-year-old Maddie, she would tell you that having cancer can really cut into your social life. That’s why she herself entertained during her long and frequent hospital stays –making friends with everyone she met – including her doctors and nurses. And while Maddie made every attempt to keep the mood fun through the most difficult and frightening time of her life, the love she has for her care team is something she never takes lightly. Here’s Maddie in 2015.

Sam’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2014

As a nurse, Kristina had cared for many critically-ill babies and comforted their worried parents. She never imagined she’d be in their place one day, yet that’s what happened when her own baby stopped breathing. Suddenly, Kristina had to revive little Sam in the back of the car on the way to the emergency room and then turn him over to her former colleagues. Here’s Kristina in 2014.

Hudson’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2014

What if your child was having hundreds of seizures a day? And what if on top of it all, your little boy was suffering from anxiety so severe, he was afraid to be left alone or fall asleep? Naomi and Ryan felt lost and alone as they struggled to help 8-year-old Hudson… until they met the team at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Here’s Naomi from 2014.

Sam’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2012

While she was pregnant, Corinne found out that her baby’s internal organs were so severely compromised, he might not survive his birth. She had no choice but to put baby Sam’s fate and life into the hands of a care team who started out as strangers but soon became family. Here is Corinne in 2012 with their incredible journey.

Bronwyn’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2012

Most parents will tell you they’d go to the ends of the earth to help their child. While the distance from Saskatoon to Calgary isn’t quite that far, Marcel was more than happy to make that long drive back and forth as many times as they had to… so his daughter Bronwyn could get the specialized care she needed. Here’s Marcel in 2012.

Ryley’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2011

For so long, mental health was spoken about in whispers. Even now, many people worry about the stigma that might come with talking about it. We know it takes strength to be vulnerable… That’s one of the reasons we so admire the Leganchuks – who were one of the first families willing to open up to us on Radiothon. From 2011, here’s Donovan with Ryley’s story.

Jacey’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2011

It has been wonderful sharing stories from the last 20 years and giving updates on how some of our past radiothon families are doing today. At the same time, the sad truth is that there are amazing families we’ve met along the way whose updates are harder to talk about. Treatments available for their children were not enough to help them survive… We want those families to know that we remember their children. One of the special people who continues to inspire us is Jacey Uphill who we met when she was 17 in 2011.

Natalie’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2009

“Laughin’ is better than cryin’”. Mark and Lee tried to adopt that philosophy… after their daughter Natalie was diagnosed with a brain tumour. While it was sometimes easier said than done, they got their strength and inspiration from other families and the amazing professionals who cared for them. Here’s Mark in 2009.

Jillian’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2007

There are many specialists at the Alberta Children’s Hospital who say they prefer working in pediatrics because kids make better patients than adults. They don’t feel sorry for themselves, they tell it like it is and they don’t dwell on the hard stuff. They just want to get back to being kids. Here’s Jillian in 2007.

Willa’s Story

Radiothon Rewind from 2007

Sometimes the solutions to life’s toughest challenges are closer than you think. Willa found her team of superheroes at the Alberta Children’s Hospital… and in her baby brother. Here’s her mom Katie from 2007.

Country 105 Caring for Kids Radiothon

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