Inspiring Stories from Radiothon 2023

Meet some of the families who moved our community during the Country 105 Caring for Kids Radiothon in 2023.

Jacob | Joaquin | Tyson | Avery | Bode

Jacob’s Story

The detective work around little Jacob’s health was so intense that the Alberta Children’s Hospital tapped into connections from around the globe to search for a diagnosis. As the family waited for answers, they thought a holiday in Hawaii could be a good distraction… but that soon unveiled more clues about Jacob’s rare condition.

Joaquin’s Story

Last September, on a seemingly-regular evening, eleven-year-old Joaquin was hanging out at a friend’s place, just a few blocks away from home. As dinnertime approached, he hopped on his bike and headed back to his family – except, he didn’t make it home. Here’s Joaquin’s dad, James.

Tyson’s Story

When they named their son after a world heavyweight boxing champion, Josh and Courtney had no idea how much strength baby Tyson already had in him. At just 12 weeks old, he was diagnosed with cancer and from that point on, little Tyson has shown what a fighter he is. Here’s proud dad, Josh.

Avery’s Story

This fall, during a surge in respiratory illnesses, Avery was just nine days old when she needed the Alberta Children’s Hospital to save her life. There amidst the busyness of the emergency room and intensive care unit – and some very frightening days, her parents Lexi and Tyrell found more than world-class specialized care. They found love and compassion. Here’s Avery’s mom, Lexi.

Bode’s Story

Bode is one in a million. Literally. If you’re a radiothon regular, you may remember that this time last year, the ten-year-old was suffering the effects of a life-threatening blood disorder that put him into bone marrow failure and left him with zero immunity. Here’s mom, Susanne with an update.