Every Cure Begins with Research


As exceptional as Alberta Children’s Hospital specialists are at providing the best care available for sick and injured children in our community, current therapies in pediatric medicine fall short for too many children. Every year, hundreds of young patients experience serious side effects from their treatments, hundreds more get sick with no known diagnosis or cure.

That’s why more than 1,000 researchers, trainees and staff at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and the University of Calgary have committed to advancing knowledge, finding gentler treatments and discovering cures specifically for children.

Thanks to generous donations, this team of scientists is providing national and international leadership on many fronts, including:

Rapidomics: utilizing big data and DNA sequencing in hospital to rapidly pinpoint complex diagnoses and tailor care for children

Neuro-Critical Care: seamless care and research for children whose injury or illness puts their brains at risk

Blood and Marrow Transplantation: life-saving treatment and cure for cancers, blood and immune disorders

Additional community support will help them advance knowledge and care in many more areas crucial to families, including:

Brain Computer Interface: enabling children to use the power of their minds to do things their bodies cannot

Next Generation Immunotherapy: developing new therapies that harness a child’s own immune system to fight their specific cancer

Innovation through Imaging: using 3TRMI to obtain never before possible insights into child development, paving the way for new diagnostics, treatments and care delivery in brain and mental health


“We are deeply grateful for the many community donors who generously support the work of our talented child health researchers. This incredible support through the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation allows us to make research discoveries to transform the lives of children here and around the world.”
– Dr. Susa Benseler, Director of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute at the University of Calgary